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Did you know?

Taylor Swift made waves with her song “Blank Space”, not only for its addictive earworm nature, but also for the music video which featured an attractive costar who stole the world’s hearts. The video showed Taylor messing around in a beautiful mansion with a hunky man by her side. The man who women instantly swooned over was revealed to be Sean O’Pry, a 25-year-old American model. According to a list by Forbes in 2013, Sean was that year’s highest paid male model, earning more than $1.5 million..

Sean O-Pry was not the only star of the video that caused an uproar, fans of the video also demanded to know more about the idyllic and breathtaking setting. The “Blank Space” music video was filmed at the Oheka Castle in Long Island, New York. Oheka Castle is the second-largest private home ever built in the United States and boasts 127 rooms and more than 109,000 square feet.