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Did you know?

OMI’s song “Cheerleader” became most popular in its remixed version by DJ Felix Jaehn. Although the version was hugely popular, OMI and Jaehn have not yet even met. The song in its original form took almost 8 years to make. OMI claims that he woke up one morning when he was 21, humming what would later become the melody of his hit song.

After his quick rise to fame, OMI admitted that he struggled to keep up with everything that was happening to him. He did, however, manage to make a few changes to his life, notably by purchasing a new ride and some customizable details. He’ll have to start planning for more big purchases soon, as his first full-length album will be released in the Fall of 2016. He has recorded songs for it in his home of Jamaica, and in both Miami and the United Kingdom.

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