The 5 coolest gifts you need to be getting this Christmas

1. Polaroid Zip


Listen up kids of the 80’s, Polaroids are back! The instant photo developing camera is back in a big way and everyone is clamoring for them this Christmas season. So how exactly do you set yourself apart from the crowd then? With the Polaroid Zip is how! The Polaroid Zip prints photos directly from your mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth into beautiful individual shots. Time to get those selfies and pictures of dinner last night up on the fridge right? 


2. Game of Thrones book set

Already up to date on the episodes? Can’t wait to find out what happens next? Well, what if I told you that you could get even more of your favorite television show and you don’t even have to wait for the next season. With the complete Game of Thrones book set, you can re-read what you’ve already seen and keep on going. Everything that was in the television series; the action, the battles, the murder, the dragons, the whole gang is here. This is an absolute must for any true Game of Thrones fan.


3. Jedi Master Lightsaber


With the upcoming release of the seventh installment of the iconic Star Wars franchise, it is only natural that anything Star Wars related makes it to the top of Christmas wish lists everywhere. No franchise fanatic’s collection is complete however without the most important tool every young Jedi needs – the lightsaber. This Jedi Master lightsaber comes complete with light and sounds as well as a number of different settings for the hilt so you can create the ultimate weapon to save the galaxy from the Death Star.


4. The Carry-on Cocktail Kit



Ever been on a long flight filled with crying babies, chatty teenagers and snoring neighbors and thought to yourself: “Man, I could really use a drink right now…”, well here’s the solution to all your problems: The Carry-on Cocktail Kit. Just pick between a wide range of classic cocktails like an Old Fashioned, Moscow Mule or Gin & Tonic and they’ll provide you with a handy little tin with everything you’ll need to make a stiff drink at 36,000 ft. the kits come with a carry-on tin, recipe card, bar spoon, measure, the liquids you’ll need for the drink (in carry-on size of course) and a classy linen coaster, so you can feel like you’re sitting at a bar in Manhattan rather than a cramped seat in the sky.


5. World Scratch Map



The world Scratch Map is the ideal gift for any avid traveler. Keep track of where you’ve been and keep an eye on where you want to go with this special world map. Use a coin or fingernail to scratch the gold foil off the countries you’ve already been to and reveal the bright color underneath. Smaller, more specific maps are available for people with particular interests and almost every continent has its own. Every continent, but also several countries like the United States, where you can scratch off individual states. A food-specific map exists for Europe that outlines the countries’ borders with names of famous foods from the area. A special added bonus: most maps come with some interesting facts and figures for you to scratch at the bottom of the map, so you can continue to fuel your Wanderlust.