10 things you never knew about your favorite Superheroes

Nowadays it seems like there is a new superhero blockbuster movie coming out in cinemas and demanding our attention and adoration. It’s pretty clear that it is something that works because, quite simply, the world is obsessed with these supernatural beings and their abilities. I mean, who doesn’t want to be able to travel through time, to fly or be invisible. It is every person’s childhood fantasy all grown up. We are so in tune with all things superhero that it may feel like we’ve seen and heard it all. Let me tell you now, you haven’t. So, strap on your boots, cape and mask and get ready to find some pretty crazy new things out about your favorite superheroes.

1: It would cost about $300 Million to become Batman.

It would cost about $300 Million to become Batman.

Beneath the cape and mask of Batman, there is a real man, charming billionaire Bruce Wayne. This begs the question: why haven’t any real-life wealthy men or women taken over the persona and created it in reality? Maybe it’s all the training they’d have to go thorough, maybe they don’t feel that there’s a need for it, or maybe it’s the price tag. The popular Batman fan book Batman Unauthorized did a study to find out just how much it would cost to get all the Bat-gear. The study found that would-be Dark Knights would have to shell out around $300 million for it all. Other estimates conducted by a different group lists it above the $1 billion mark. The Batmobile alone is roughly $3.5 million!